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In this article it discusses how these men are denied treatment.  It even goes as far as telling about punishment the men are recieving for having intercourse.   These punishments range from the death penalty to whippings.  Also in some countries police men are taking it to the next level of abuse if the men are gay.  This is absurd we all have free will, and we should be able to choose the way we want to be and live.  We should get medical treatment, but i also believe we should inform our partners if we have any diseases.



  1. Ka Ta-Ta
    Well let me tell you that I think it’s very interesting what you read about… LOL. 🙂 Well have a good day bye!

    • NA-DA-DA—- Well guess what chica i have no clue boo boo… haha well i guess thats all for now… OH MY !!!! bye bye bye

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