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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Spock is a fictional character in the Star Trek Series.
His super abilities is paralyzing an opponent with a Vulcan nerve pinch

He is 109 Years Old

Leonard Nimoy play spock and he is currently 79.


I read the  Post titled “I got some Splaining to Do”, It was about this guy and his family they have a pet cat and a gerbil… Yikes!! Well long story short one day he left the house forgot the cage was open and had to turn around in the process while doing this however he hit an killed a squirrel … ohhh nooo!!!!

Last nite the Charlotte Bobcats were swept by the Orlando Magic 99-90….. WOW !!

The Bobcats might have a tough road ahead as the future of their coach lies in unknown waters??? What will he do .. Coach brown says the best thing for him right now is too talk it out with his family and decided from their/……..  I believe they will need a rebuilding season soon to get back on top…


this is a pic of my payment for my business card I made in class

1. What kinds of products can you buy? Post cards, Business cards, magnets, stationery
2. Now, peruse the website. What are the main reasons that you would consider buying your business promotions materials from this website? I would choose this company, because they are effective, quick, they use top materials, and you can upload any type of pictures you want.
3. Finally, do you think you should keep this website a secret from others? Why?   Well from a competition prospective yes, I believe that it would be best to keep it to myself and use it to my advantage..  

this is my pitching lesson business card i designed

I like this business card because it stands out to me with the piece missing because it makes me think about eating their chocolate!!!! yum yum


this is a movie poster we put our heads on