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Monthly Archives: February 2010

This is a picture of Olympic medalist Lindsey Vonn…. She is pretty beastly

Alpine skiing has been practiced in the European Alps for at least 150 years. In addition to adapting cross-country techniques to suit their steeper slopes, alpine skiers also found they needed slightly wider skis to go downhill safely, and developed different ways to use their poles and new turning techniques to match the more vertical terrain of the high mountains.


DUDE THEY CAN REACH UP TO LIKE 130 KILOMETERS…. THATS REALLY FAST !!!!!!! they roll down the hill on their ski’s


Mrs. Rosa Parks began her life in Tuskegee, Alabama on February 4, 1913 .
She was the first child of James and Leona Edwards McCauley.  Growing up Rosa was just another average colored girl.  Rosa received various forms of education all the way from elementary school to college.  During her early years of adulthood Mrs. Parks worked very hard for the rights of African Americans.. She made herself known when on December 1, 1955 she refused to give up her seat to a white passenger.  She was arrested and fined for violating a city ordinance. Little did she know that this decision would lead to and eventually begin an act of defiance which helped end legal segregation in America.  Although she has passed on, Mrs. Parks is seen as a National and even world wide hero. She made a fateful decision on the cold December day that would forever change our world. So thank you to Mrs. Rosa Parks for staying in your seat and standing up for what is right……

How Should We Decorate Our Classroom Door For Black History Month??????????

I think we should take pictures of the students and show how things have changed, and how we are all equal today..  We should show what Mrs. Parks tried to fight for so it will symbolizes that what she fought for finally came true…

This is my Mr.Shark Bait Dude that i created using photoshop….

This is a picture of Shaun White Snow Boarding at the Olympics… He is one of the most popular snow boarders ever…….

Snowboarding is a combination of surfing, skiing, and skateboarding.  The first official snowboarding competition was held in Colorado in 1981.  Two snowboard events were introduced at the Nagano 1998 Winter Games — halfpipe and individual giant slalom. P

This is what happens an how it goes down

In the halfpipe, one snowboarder at a time performs a routine of acrobatic jumps, twists and tricks on the inside of a half-cylinder-shaped snow tube or ramp while moving from one side of the halfpipe to the other.  The riders are judged on the height and style of their tricks.
In the parallel giant slalom, two snowboarders race head-to-head down a course, turning through a series of gates. The fastest goes on to the next round. The top finishers compete in a total of nine runs.
In snowboard cross, four racers start in a pack down a course, racing against each other over rolling terrain and a series of jumps and ramps. The fastest two racers from each heat move on to the next round.

This is a picture of a melon head I created in my class using photoshop and its various tools.

This is My poll…. Leave me your opinion please!!!! 🙂

These are photos from the Central High School Electricity class!!!!!!!


Q.Who do you think posted the best  blog entry about the dinner provided by the special education dept ?  I THINK GIOVIANI MORENO HAD THE BEST BLOG IT WAS SHORT AN TO THE POINT!!!!!

These Pictures are from The “Love Means Being Involved”.  This was an event held here at Central High School.

We can use the Web to help poverty in third world countries…  How can we use the web to help them?????  We can set up organizations that have websites such as Red Cross, or USAid, these are agencies that have websites which are set up to help the people in third world countries.  People can go on the websites and send money to the people in those countries.  The web has so many advances that allow us to be able to help others in need.  If someone wants to donate money to help someone all they would have to do is go on the internet and find a good organization to give money too, but you have to be very careful because some people create bad websites that are lies, and they are just there to take your money.  So when using the internet you have to use extra precaution…..