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Monthly Archives: January 2010

1. What does a file extension look like?
A. The extension is shown by two to four letters following the dot in the name of a file.
2. What image management programs are often used by businesses?
3. What are two types of image management programs, and how are they different?
A. Paint Shop Pro- saves images as .psp. and Adobe Photoshop saves images as .psd.
4. What is a native format?
A. Each management program has a file format specific to that program.
5. What is a bitmap image?
A. Images made of pixels
6. List four types of bitmap images?
7. Why are images compressed?
A. To improve download speed.
8. What is the difference between lossy and Lossless compression?
A. Lossless compression reduces the file size without losing any pixel info.  Lossy compression changes some pixels while making the file size smaller.
9. What is an interlaced image?
A. Load onto a web page in stages, picture reloads until the maximum resolution is reached.
10. Why might you want to use an interlaced image?
A. So the viewer can begin to see the picture before the image is loaded.
11. In what format do most digital cameras save images?
12. Why is the PNG not used often anymore?
A. It is not supported by all Web browsers.
13. What is the advantage of using a vector graph?
A. Regardless of how much the image is enlarged or reduced the quality remains the same.
14. Name three vector file formats and one general file format?
A. CDR, AI, FH, and one general is EPS.
15. What company developed the GIF format and what did the developer require beginning in 1994?
A.  Couldn’t find


New forms of Technology are developing each day.   There are 5 new things they are expecting for “The Future of the Web”.

1. Micro-Payments for quality content- This  means you wont have to wait for micro payments to add up, but you will be able to use them immediately.
2. Wider models for more horizontal-scrolling content-  This means bigger real estate on the screen.
3. Magazines in a more interactive format- This means a lot of them will be online and more advanced.
4. More Collaborative and Real-Time content- This means Social media will be better.
5. Better Web Security- This means there will be better protection against viruses, spam, and other harmful devices.
Website for info

1. How many lenses (approximately) does canon make for its professional level DSLR cameras?  Find the answer at this link:  The Digital Picture This website provides lens and camera reviews.

2. Come over to my desk and take a look at the lenses I have.  I want you to a) identify each lens and b) choose one as your favorite.

3. Then, go back to the same website as above and learn 3 things about the lens you chose and list them…for instance, what is the price of the lens…what type of photography (portraiture/weddings/sports) is the lens used for, and what makes the lens unique?

4. Finally, which of the 3 lenses shown in the photo above is the reviewer’s favorite and why?  The 17-40 L, 24-105 L, or the 200 2.8 L ?


1. 56
2. Cannon Fish Eye 15mm
3. Its price is $634.00,
Best used for Wide Landscapes, Interior pictures, and Architecture.
What makes it unique is the image quality because the lens is wide.
4. 24-105 L, because he says the field of view crop factor is just about perfect.


1. What favorite animals will you most likely take pictures of? 
2. What kinds of photos will you take (wide photos or close-ups or both)
3. Name the lens you will bring and its brand
4. How much does this lens cost?
5. List 3 specs for the lens and briefly tell what each means
6. Why did you choose this lens instead of other ones?


1. Birds
2. Wide Photos
3. 80mm
4. $199.95
5. Aspherical Lens, Rotational Zooming, Lightweight
6. This seemed like a logical choice because of its quality and price.

(Lens Info)

Aperture- The amount of light that passes through the lens.

ISO- Indicator of a digital camera’s imaging sensor sensitivity to light.

Shutter speed-  The amount of time the light can strike the imaging sensor.


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